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Phone: 630.227.1700
Fax: 847.483.1370

1200 Capitol Drive
Addison, IL 60101
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CT Mechanical team member contact information

Catherine Tojaga, P.E., Owner
Office: 630.227.1700 x1001
Mobile: 847.971.1130

Mike Stevenson, Superintendent
Office: 630.227.1700 x1007
Mobile: 630.461.1464

Wendy Conidi, Business Operations Manager
Office: 630.227.1700 x1003
Mobile: 630.359.7381

Brian Utt, Service Manager
Office: 630.227.1700 x1009
Mobile: 708.935.4135

Monica Anderson, Administrative Services & Safety Director
Office: 630.227.1700 x1008
Mobile: 630.297.9180

Laura Canniff, Senior Project Manager
Office: 630.227.1700 x1005
Mobile: 773.495.4384

Larry Stephenson, Senior Project Manager
Office: 630.227.1700 x1011
Mobile: 630.485.0810

Maria Monroy, Project Engineer
Office: 630.227.1700 x1006
Mobile: 630.776.4380

Joe Eminger, Project Engineer
Office: 630.227.1700 x1002
Mobile: 630.390.6320

Matt Kowalczyk, Project Engineer
Office: 630.227.1700 x1010
Mobile: 847.257.3803

Tom Davis, Foreman
Mobile: 630.589.4201

Carl Harig, Foreman
Mobile: 312.545.4970

Adam Heinrich, Foreman
Mobile: 630.484.8280

Stan Lucas, Foreman
Mobile: 630.312.9305

Scott Rogers, Foreman
Mobile: 847.530.6705

Pete Shedd, Foreman
Mobile: 708.548.2236

Tom Skowronski, Service General Foreman
Mobile: 847.890.8592

Andy Smogur, Foreman
Mobile: 847.571.4725

Dave Tharp, Foreman
Mobile: 630.442.2762

Sam Wagner, Foreman
Mobile: 847.530.9598

Scott Wills, Foreman
Mobile: 815.693.0632